Despite the Total Superiority of its Instruments over the last 15 years, LaserComp is not mired in the past.
LaserComp's Product Development Staff is creating the Future in Thermal Conductivity Measurement

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Redefining Thermal Conductivity Measurement

A pioneer in thermal conductivity measurement, LaserComp has been delivering expert technology and reliable equipment since 1992. Our exclusive FOX lineup of durable thermal conductivity test instruments combines advanced sophistication with “easy-to-use” technology, making it the premier choice for nearly all of the world’s leading insulation manufacturers, including Dow Chemical, Johns Manville, Owens Corning, and many others.

LaserComp’s research and development team strives to consistently break ground on new technologies. Our enduring focus is on delivering cost effective solutions with greater precision, flexibility, and sensitivity while minimizing test times. In addition, the unique modular design simplifies service in the field.

At LaserComp, our commitment to quality and innovation is demonstrated through the use of cutting edge components and the continuous refinement of our thermal conductivity measurement equipment. Each of our thermal conductivity measurement instruments is precisely engineered and carefully inspected to provide customers with the industry-leading solutions they expect from a company that is the forerunner in thermal conductivity testing.

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The Newest Addition To LaserComp's Cutting Edge Technology

With the launch of the FOX 5200, LaserComp's product development team is leading us into the future of thermal conductivity measurement. This equipment is designed with the advantages of components that are specifically designed for each application within Thermal Conductivity. The advanced electronics created by LaserComp, combined with the common sense improvements in the design of Thermal Conductivity Instruments, is what sets LaserComp apart from our competition.


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LaserComp is your solution for reliable, easy-to-use, durable thermal conductivity measurement equipment. Each of our FOX heat flow meters combines advanced sophistication with over 20 years of superior engineering. Search our lineup of thermal conductivity instruments.

Why FOX Instruments Work So Well

The Technology Behind LaserComp's Industry Leading Equipment

The thermal conductivity of a specimen () is determined by measuring the heat flux, specimen thickness, and temperature difference across the specimen. In each component of the thermal conductivity equation FOX Instruments provide extremely precise readings, .6mV resolution on integrating high output heat flux transducers, 0.001” precision in thickness measurement, and 0.01°C temperature control and resolution. Each of these individual measurements is an order of magnitude more accurate than any other currently used in thermal conductivity measurement. They combine to provide the most accurate results of any heat flow meter instrument commercially available. When using our high accuracy calibration standard mode, FOX Instruments challenge and exceed the accuracy of the enormously time consuming, operator dependent, and expensive guarded hot plates.

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LaserComp's dealer network is comprised of 28 agents representing over 40 countries world-wide. Each of our agents is carefully selected to best represent the FOX instruments product line. They have a thorough understanding of LaserComp's innovative thermal conductivity instruments and are committed to first-class customer service. Most have had at least one Technician sent here for LaserComp's comprehensive training program.